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Miss u more than anybody else

Miss u more than anybody else..
Longer than time can tell...
As u are far from Me now..
Each moment my heart awaits ur love.. !

So Baby,Hold me tight in ur arms..
Let me feel the warmth of love..
Wen I feel like breaking down..
Kiss me and give a warm Hug.. !

Someday Our life will be like a fairy tale..
Someday We wud b together..!
And then you'll stop hurting urself..
Coz I'll be there to catch wen u Fall.. !


Somebody wants you

Somebody wants you,
somebody needs you,
Somebody dreams about you
every single night Somebody can't breathe,
Without you its lonely,
Somebody hopes that one day
you will see That somebody's me, that somebody's me..!


Instead Of Thinking

Instead Of Thinking
About What You Are MISSING.
Sometimes It Is GOOD To THINK
About What You Have That Many Are MISSING.


I lost you

I lost you
make this feeling go away
I got you
make you come back here to stay
like the sand hold the sea
you must belong to me
watch the stars kiss the sky
I have to make you mine...
wish you were here right now :)

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