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Saddam Death Photos

> < Saddam shortly after capture
Saddam shortly after capture
Saddam shortly after capture
Saddam Hussein arguing in the court
Saddam taken before death rope
Seconds before execution
Saddam refused to wear a hood
Saddam lying dead, with rope stil around the neck

The former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was executed just before daybreak on December 30, 2006 at approximately 06:00 local time (03:00 GMT) at an indoor gallows in Baghdad. The execution took place at the Iraqi army base Camp Justice in Kazimain, northeast of Baghdad, a base once used by Hussein as his military intelligence headquarters, then known as Camp Banzai.

Saddam Hussein was buried in his birthplace of Al-Awja in Tikrit, Iraq, alongside family members, including his two sons Uday and Qusay Hussein, on 31 December 2006 at 04:00 local time.

by martin

31-Dec-06, 12:00 am

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